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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about working with The Salem Group. If you don’t see your question here, please contact us directly.

For Job Seekers

What are the benefits of working temporary/contract with a staffing firm?

Working with a staffing firm provides job seekers greater flexibility in their job searches by offering them the opportunity to pick when and where they want to work. In addition, temporary positions give you the ability to work in different industries and organizations and experience different cultures, allowing you to select the environment that best fits your work style. Finally, temporary assignments are often a bridge to regular employment. In fact, an American Staffing Association survey found that 49% of employees chose temporary or contract work as a way to secure a permanent job.

What are the advantages of working with The Salem Group for temporary and direct-placement?

Through your work at Salem, you will be presented with exceptional opportunities — the chance to expand your horizons, the satisfaction of learning new skills and meeting new people, and the challenge of building a successful career. We believe you’ll succeed in making these opportunities work for you, and we’ll support your efforts every step of the way.

When you choose The Salem Group, you are aligning yourself with one of the premier and most recognized staffing firms. By partnering with Salem, you gain access to a virtual “Who’s Who” of leading organizations across a wide cross-section of industries. In addition, we are proud to offer a benefit plan that is second to none. We do this to attract, retain and reward the very best workers. The Salem Group knows the importance of great talent and strives to make every employee’s experience a great one — Because People Matter Most.SM

For full-time and most contract positions, Salem works with clients on an exclusive basis. Accordingly, only Salem submits candidates for these direct opportunities, which greatly enhances your chances for securing the position you most desire.

Salem stays current on exactly what is going on in the immediate market. We have a unique perspective that most job seekers simply don’t have. The market for a particular skill or experience is constantly evolving. We can help navigate job seekers through the market changes, so they are less likely to encounter any surprises or challenges along the way. We can also find opportunities job seekers wouldn't be able to find themselves — not only because we are skilled at knowing which jobs might be the right fit, but also because we are privy to opportunities to which job seekers don’t have access.

I am interested in positions at Salem Staffing or Salem Tech. What types of assignments do you offer, and how do I apply?

Many, although not all, of the opportunities offered by Salem Staffing and Salem Tech fall under the following categories:

Salem Staffing

  • Office Administrative
  • Customer Service/Call Center
  • Accounting/Finance/Banking
  • Legal Support and Paralegal
  • Marketing and Creative
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare (non-clinical)
  • Professional

Salem Tech

  • Software Developers/Architects
  • Database/Business Intelligence Developers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Cyber Security Engineers/Analysts
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Network Engineers/Systems Administrators
  • CAD Designers
  • Microstation and AutoCAD Drafters

Inquiring about or applying for our opportunities is simple; fill out our Quick Apply form, browse available jobs, or contact our nearest staffing or recruiting center. If you’re ready to discuss available positions now, let’s schedule an in-person or video interview today to expedite your submittal process.

I submitted my resume, but haven’t heard back. What are the next steps?

Salem’s policy is to follow up on all applications within 24 hours of submittal. In some instances, given the strength of applicant responses, it may be necessary to expand this time frame. Salem does its best to align applicants’ qualifications with the opportunities that are currently available. If your skills and experience are a match, you can expect a follow-up response from us to schedule a face-to-face interview at your earliest convenience. Should you wish to contact the nearest staffing center sooner, you are always welcome to call or walk-in.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes, The Salem Group offers affordable health insurance plans for all full-time-equivalent contract employees.

For Clients

Why should employers use a staffing firm?

According to a survey conducted by the American Staffing Association, among the top benefits to employers of working with a staffing firm are flexibility, speed and access to talent. When working with staffing firms, employers are more likely to maintain appropriate staff levels in an effort to keep efficiency and productivity at desired levels during vacations, medical leaves, their busy season and while large-scale projects are underway. Plus, staffing organizations often place contractors to fill deficiencies in staff knowledge, skills or experience. Partnering with the right staffing company benefits employers by delivering flexible, on-demand talent as needed.

Besides recruiting, what other services does The Salem Group offer client companies?

Salem’s Client Service Program is truly one of a kind. The Salem Group is a full-service, multi-disciplined strategic staffing company. In addition to temporary staffing, we provide our clients with workforce solutions and web-enabled contingent workforce procurement and management applications to better deliver the flexible talent you need, while providing the customized, cost-effective solutions you require.

Salem is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and the holding company of five specialized, dedicated divisions: Salem Staffing Group, Salem Tech, Salem Managed Services Group, Salem Land & Professional Services Group, and Lorenz Engineering.

The following represents just a few of the many additional services we offer to our clients:

  • Payroll Services/Employer of Record — 1099 Review and Verification Services
  • IComplySM — Intern Program Services
  • SalemSelectSM — Streamlined Staffing Services
  • SalemDirectSM — Direct Hire Services
  • StreamlineSM — Web-Based Staffing Management System