Why Salem?

The Shortest Distance Between Great Talent and Great Solutions

Finding Great People
for Leading Employers

When organizations seek a full-service, contingent-workforce staffing partner, they consistently turn to The Salem Group because of our experience, resources and execution.

  • Experience
    For over 35 years, Salem has been the name to know for advanced staffing solutions and support. One reason for our success is the continuity of leadership; the same management team that founded the company still leads our company today.
  • Resources
    We have one of the industry’s most comprehensive databases of qualified talent. Built over the course of over a third of a century, our database contains tens of thousands of highly qualified, professional candidates who are ready to serve our valued clients.
  • Execution
    Greater experience, continuity of leadership and staff; higher performance standards; superior resources; a better client services model; and meticulous execution all culminate in a true breakthrough level of performance.

Moving Forward Together

The Salem Group would like to be your agent of change — collaborating with you to move your staffing program from where it is to where it truly can be.

Why should you partner with Salem?

  • A proven market leader for over 35 years
  • A certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • A legacy of leadership that has stood the test of time
  • A superior focus on technology and how it relates to our clients
  • A partner focused on reducing risk by offering industry-leading insurance coverage
  • A disciplined talent acquisition and workflow management process
  • A value-add partner that takes “Staffing by the NumbersSM” to the next level
  • A 110% performance guarantee with SalemSelectSM streamlined staffing services

At Salem, we benchmark our performance against the highest standards — we deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected. Transform your contingent staffing program to where it can truly be with The Salem Group as your strategic staff-augmentation partner. As the saying goes, “In business, who you know counts, but who you partner with counts more.”

Partner with Us

Staffing by the NumbersSM — Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Execution is where experience and resources culminate in accomplishing critical objectives, providing the solutions needed, delighting clients and achieving their total satisfaction. With Salem’s exclusive and proprietary Staffing by the Numbers and Salem as a strategic workforce solutions partner, our clients are transforming their contingent staffing programs from where they are, to where they truly can be.

Why Staffing by the Numbers? Because what gets measured, gets managed … and what gets managed gets improvedSM. Staffing by the Numbers ushers in greater science, greater reliability and greater success predictability utilizing Salem’s unique methodology, which tracks and calculates more critical KPI data points into staffing management decision-making.

Our KPI metrics focus in detail on the following:

  • Speed
  • Satisfaction
  • Retention
  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Value

Comprehensive Hiring Process

The Salem Group is focused on delivering the highly qualified, flexible talent you need.

  • Recruiting
    The Best and the Brightest
    We are extraordinarily selective in matching talent to task on behalf of our clients. Our recruiting program finds qualified candidates through myriad sources, including corporate, state and federal agencies; outplacement service providers; college placement offices; career conferences and professional job fairs; our website; online job boards; and applicant referrals.
  • Screening and Interviewing
    Salem Selective — The Science of Selection
    Our staffing managers are thoroughly trained and experienced in behavioral interviewing, successfully probing beyond candidates’ initial answers to elicit real information. Salem’s Selective System allows our managers to consistently identify high-performance candidates and match them with positions in which they will be most successful. As part of this process, each employee’s attitude, personality and appearance are assessed.
  • Assignment Employee Testing
    Pinpointing Skill Sets and Levels
    Salem’s proven screening process defines “the science of selection,” utilizing industry-leading IBM® Kenexa® comprehensive, up-to-date competency assessments. Test scores accurately reflect the knowledge, hard skills and proficiency of each candidate.
  • Employment and Reference Verifications
    Identifying Consistent Performers
    This completes the cycle in determining a candidate’s past job performance and overall competence level. Salem conducts two complete reference reviews for each assignment employee in which we verify employment, compensation, qualifications, attendance, attitude and overall work performance. We receive frank and comprehensive performance feedback, allowing us to make better, more informed hiring and assignment decisions.

Good Training Makes Great Employees

The Salem Group established a training program to help each assignment employee expand his or her hard and soft skills, and to ensure that our clients’ most challenging needs are met.

  • Skill Training
    Building on Strengths
    We offer practical, PC-based interactive training to teach and build upon the software skills of our employees. We also provide very specific training for skilled assignment employees required to complete assignments utilizing uncommon systems or applications.
  • Video-Based Training
    Coaching the Soft Skills
    Salem offers comprehensive video-based training to coach employees in the soft skill areas such as office etiquette, professional telephone answering and message taking, dressing for business, the importance of punctuality, teamwork, office safety and more.

Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Quality assurance is very important to us. We monitor the success of every assignment employee and keep track of employee performance; this allows us to return favorite performers to each client. Our priority is to maintain the highest level of quality and the lowest level of turnover.

Partner with Us

Salem’s Client Services Program

A Better Service Model — The Art of Staffing
We have optimized every aspect of service delivery to make working with Salem an efficient and satisfying experience, every time. We streamlined what could be simplified, automated where we could add efficiency, and systemized all aspects of service delivery. We benchmark and measure every aspect of our performance. And because we believe we serve you best when you are able to select how you want to interact with us, virtually every aspect of our client services program is fully customizable:

  • 24/7 response to your staffing needs
  • Automated time entry and approval system
  • Proprietary, web-based contingent workforce procurement and management system
  • Electronic tools for forms, requisitioning, confirmations and scheduling
  • Web-based project management system
  • Email listing of available employees so you can select your proven performers
  • Workers’ compensation and additional coverage for all employees to limit our clients’ liability exposure
  • Invoicing and billing in any format a client wishes
  • Customized reporting to include any information in any format you choose
  • Payroll services for staffing flexibility

Salem Meets All Your Hiring Needs

Leveraging the expertise of our specialized and dedicated divisions allows our clients to access the awesome power of today’s workforce:

Salem Works for Me

“Everything they do seems to be above and beyond our expectations.”
Real Estate and Financial Services Client
“They were very prompt in contacting us and screening the employees. They really did find us not one, but two perfect fits.”
Veterinary Office Client
“The Salem staffing team has gained my respect and has been committed to providing support and a better staffing experience for me and our company for over 11 years.”
National Real Estate Management Client
“Given the type of business we do, we have had many opportunities to work with other staffing services — none of which compares to The Salem Group.”
Global Public Relations Firm