Salem Managed Services

What Would You Do if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?SM

Who We Are

In 1995, Salem Managed Services emerged as a distinct Salem division to provide vendor management solutions under a new vendor management concept, one based upon vendor inclusion. Salem created a Vendor Management Program that encourages vendor partnership and participation by allowing vendor partners who are meeting the client’s expectations to maintain a solid percentage of the staffing business and with Salem as a partner, offering them the opportunity to continue to grow. Our goal: Many Partners, One TeamSM.

SMS partners with world-class clients in the financial, real estate, government, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and technology sectors — just to name a few industries. SMS’s track record is one of true excellence. In fact, every SMS program has been successful in meeting — or exceeding — all client-defined and contractual objectives and terms.

Our programs optimally manage our clients’ total contingent workforce. This includes all primary and secondary vendor assignment employees, assignment-to-hire personnel, payrolled personnel, independent contractors, and all peak- and large-project management requirements. SMS has redefined what it means to be a best-in-class provider of customized staffing management programs, offering breakthrough solutions, including, but not limited to:

  • Centralized management of your contingent workforce
  • Flexible and fully customizable on- and off-site programs
  • Easy-to-use VMS technology
  • Dedicated account and program managers
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Uniform web-based time tracking and approval
  • Independent Contractor classification review services
  • Optimized and uniform best practices and procedures across the vendor population
  • Solutions guaranteed to achieve your diversity objectives
  • Payrolling services
  • Independent contractor classification review and administration
  • Customizable EDI or email based invoicing
  • Fully customizable reporting

Geographic Scope

SMS’s managed services programs operate throughout the United States, and are scalable to a global level. Working with our dedicated program managers, service coordinators and our robust associate-vendor network (including global, national, regional and local vendors) specifically vetted and selected to service each client individually.

Diversity Program Management

As a Certified Woman-Owned Enterprise (WBE), The Salem Group clearly recognizes the value of supplier diversity. At SMS, we know that diversity brings strength, innovation and flexibility to our supply base. Tapping the skills and technologies of small and diverse businesses is vital to maintaining our position as one of the premier strategic vendor management companies.

Technology Capabilities

SMS utilizes our state-of-the-art Vendor Management System (VMS), the Streamline Staffing Suite — an end-to-end automated requisition and workforce management system that facilitates:

  • Requisitioning and Procurement
  • Online Time Entry and Approval
  • Quality Assurance Measurement
  • Consolidated Invoicing and Payment
  • Vendor Management
  • Reporting — Real-time and On-demand
  • Compliance Management

Partner with Salem

When you work with Salem, the SMS professional on-site team becomes an extension of your operation, focusing on your high-volume staffing needs by handling your labor workforce management, including vendor management, recruitment, onboarding, attendance, coaching and the retention of your temporary workforce. We offer the following services to our SMS clients:

  • Vendor Management System
  • StreamlineSM VMS
  • Staffing Provider
  • IComplySM and Payroll Services
  • InternInnovationsSM
  • BPO and ProjectPeopleSM

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