Who Staffing Employees Really Are

Staffing Employees by Sector (percentage)

"They’re temporary workers. They’re contractors. They’re Millennials. They’re retirees. They’re teachers. They’re nurses. They drive forklifts. They practice law."

The nation’s staffing employees—the more than three million individuals employed by U.S. staffing companies each week—are as diverse as the industry itself. Not only that, but 40% of staffing employees work in higher-skilled occupations in professional/managerial, engineering, IT, and scientific sectors.

Explaining the ‘Why’ Behind Choosing a Staffing Company

Within the staffing industry, more temporary and contract employees on assignment in the industrial sector work full time (80%) than those in other sectors. What attracts people to work in the industry? Staffing employees have many motivations for selecting temporary and contract work. Six out of 10 (61%) choose staffing to fill the gap between jobs or as a way to help them gain access to and land a permanent job. These driving factors are strongest among those working in the industrial (73%) and office–administrative (71%) sectors. One in five survey respondents (20%) say flexibility with their work hours or schedule is a reason they chose temporary/contract employment, with nearly twice as many in the health care sector (38%) citing this motivation.1

Why do our candidates partner with Salem?

Simply put, we value their contribution! At Salem, we have always believed that "people matter most". In fact, our success is largely due to the high caliber of our assignment professionals, and we pay our assignment professionals accordingly. We provide high-end compensation in return for your utmost professionalism, reliability, and performance. Because we undertake frequent performance reviews, Salem assignment professionals have the opportunity to increase their earning level faster than at other organizations. On top of that, The Salem Group is proud to offer a benefits package that is second to none. We not only offer all the basics, but we pride ourselves on the many additional benefits we offer including company discounts on Verizon, Pet Insurance, and our numerous Bonus Programs including the 4,000 Hour Bonus for our most dedicated workers, just to name a few.

Why do our clients partner with Salem?

  • A proven market leader for over 35 years
  • A certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE)
  • A superior focus on technology and how it relates to our clients
  • A partner focused on reducing risk by offering industry-leading insurance coverage
  • A disciplined talent acquisition and workflow management process
  • A value-add partner that takes “Staffing by the NumbersSM” to the next level
  • A 110% performance guarantee with SalemSelectSM streamlined staffing services

At Salem, we benchmark our performance against the highest standards — we deliver what we promise and add value beyond what is expected. Transform your contingent staffing program to where it can truly be with The Salem Group as your strategic staff-augmentation partner. As the saying goes, “In business, who you know counts, but who you partner with counts more."

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1Excerpt from "Who Staffing Employees Really Are" by Cynthia Davidson, senior director of research for ASA, originally published in Staffing Success September–October 2019